Napoleon Hinton Jr./March 2017
Eloise (Bae-Bae) Samson-Crockett/April 2017
Clarence Stallworth/April 2017
Charles “Bit” Atterberry/May 2017
Rushia McCarty Grice Knighton/May 2017
Vernell McCarty Lewis/January 2017

Robert Scott/July 2016
Billy Itson, Sr./July 2016
Veloise Barnett Pearson/July 2016
Reuben Louis Brown/July 2016
Marvin Hatten/August 2016
Dorothy Louis (Hunchie) Milton/November 2016
Alfred Lee (Bruh) Shoemake/November 2016
Dorothy Lee Jasper/November 2016
Katherine M. Mosley/December 2016
John (Big John) Fountain/December 2016
Naomi Brown/December 2016

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